Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Festive Nails

Merry Christmas y'all!

The thing that relaxes me the most in the entire world is to do nails! For me it is almost a ritual and in that half hour I do not think about anything, I just drink tea :)

With this post I wanted to inspire you and give you some advice for a perfect manicure for the holidays, even if I'm VERY late.. I'm sorry!!

I warn you: I like glitters to death, as I said before, so expect a bunch of them...

*Click on the photos if you want a closer look*

The festive reds

I really like red nails for this time of the year, expecially the very deep ones, here two of my favourite:

In this one I've put Kiko #238 with a thin coat of red glitters just to give to the nails a bit of dimension. This red is not opaque in one coat, but I really like the shade, I think is very festive and it goes with everything.

This is my favourite red for the festive time, and with glitters on top it's like the perfect combination!

Nude Attitude

For all the girls that love their nudes, this is by far my favourite and if you like you can add an accent nail like I did:

For my ring finger I have just added some silver and gold glitter that I bought from the craft store.
You can also spice it up mixing nude and dark polish:

Dark and glitter

I love black nail polish for winter, this is from Kiko with a glitter polish from L'Oreal:

If you don't feel the black you can always try some deep purple, I just discovered this shade and I like it a lot! It will be perfect even with some gold glitter :)

Fancy nails

If you're feeling very fancy you can add some cute designs or you can wear just glitter polish, easy and very festive :)

The black design on my ring finger is very simple, just few stripes with a little pointy brush et voilà!

And that's it!! I hope you liked it and I wish you all a Marry Marry Christmas  

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Xx, Agostina

Buon Natale!

La cosa che più mi rilassa al mondo è fare la manicure, che sia a me o a qualche amica! Per me è quasi un rituale, in quella mezz'ora non penso a nulla e bevo qualcosa di caldo :)

Con questo post volevo un po' ispirarvi e darvi qualche consiglio per una manicure perfetta per le feste, anche se sono MOLTO in ritardo, scusate!!

Ah, mi dispiace, ma come ho già detto altre volte mi piacciono da morire i glitter quindi ce ne sono a volontà!!

Fatemi sapere se vi piacciono e ancora buone feste!! 

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Baci, Agostina

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